Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Kim Kardashian reveals KFC Crocs and the reactions are mixed!

The KFC x Crocs sandals are slated for release in the Spring. (Photos: via Instagram, Eva Rinaldi)

The KFC x Crocs sandals are slated for release in the Spring. (Photos: via Instagram, Eva Rinaldi)

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs have created a limited-edition sandal a la carte and one celeb, in particular, endorses them.

Now, while scrolling through the IG rabbit hole that so many of us get caught up in on the daily, Loop Lifestyle discovered Kim K’s "surprise" unveiling of the new sandals.

Imagine our surprise when we found out these KFC Crocs are actually…a thing, and not a custom creation for Mrs Kardashian-West as we’d presumed earlier on.

WATCH as Kim Kardashian-West reveals her KFC x Crocs platform sandals (Video: via Instagram/@kimkardashian)

What the…? Meatless chicken is laughable at best. How will KFC make chicken meatless? That’s all we can think of at the moment.

Trends come and trends go, but this one, we reckon, might be here to stay. The more we think about it, the more we like the idea.

Or are we liking the idea because of an unspoken chicken addiction?

Whatever it is, the KFC marketing team may have hit big with these new sandals.

But, there’s more. The sandals are a part of a collaboration slated for release in the Spring.

You heard right, the KFC x Crocs sandals will be mass-produced for all and more celebs are loving the "deep-fried" goodness.

In a recent editorial for Paper mag, artist MLMA rocked her very own pair of KFC Crocs, and – forgive us for saying this – nobody does it better!

With catchphrases like “a truly original recipe”, “put these on your bucket list”, “it’s finger-licking good”, Loop Lifestyle suggests the KFC marketing team knew this one was bound to take flight. And, we love it!

Yet, in true fashion, the platform sandals, that bear the traditional red and white stripes and looks identical to a bucket of chicken, comes complete with fried chicken wing jibbitz.

But, here's what some Twitter users had to say about the new digs.


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