Sunday 27 September, 2020

Loop Cayman readers declare: ‘We can’t afford to shop local’

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Loop Cayman readers have responded on social media to Premier Alden McLaughlin’s call for support of local businesses to help the economy recover.

The consensus was that the prices of goods and services on the island were too high and needed to come down.

“Definitely, we can all support, there is nowhere else we can go!! But for sure all of them shops and stores they simply need to ease down on their skyrocket high prices... the cost of living in these small beautiful islands is extremely expensive,” Ana Lucy Powery Douglas commented.

“Why shop local when the simplest things you need the local stores don’t have, and they tell you they have to order it and it will take 2 weeks and it is going to cost you twice as much?” Edwin Walton questioned.
Helena McLaughlin noted that there needs to be an increase in minimum wages.

“Minimum wages need to go up faster. Don't even [the] prices, all the things on the shelves[?] How can someone with four or five children survive and even pay light, water, rent lunch for school? This is nonsense, it needs to be at least $15 an hour,” McLaughlin posted.

Melissa Burton simply said: “No, Sir, can't afford to. I mean it would be easier than doing half of Customs job to get your goods, but the local market it for the rich.”

“List the products that are locally produced,” Amar Sheow commented. “The vast majority is imported and sold at extorted prices!”

Neil Bryington wanted to know, “And how are you supporting the small business owners? Big business will always take care of themselves.”

“I bought one pants, one belt: $75,” Mellissa Brown shared. “Can’t afford this.”

“When we can,” Sue McLaughlin posted in response to the call for support of local businesses, “we will.”

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