Wednesday 27 May, 2020

The non-medical companies creating products to combat coronavirus

by Emelina Montoya

All over the media there have been reports of thousands of manufacturing companies that have been forced to shut down due to the coronavirus. But, in the midst of all the shutdowns, a few companies have managed to stay open by designing and manufacturing products to assist medical professionals in combatting the disease.

I can't help but be reminded of Loop Contributor Peter Ivey's article about how businesses must use spot, seize and sustain opportunities in a time of crisis.

Here are some of my favourite examples:

Turning Vacuums to Ventilators

James Dyson, the billionaire founder of Dyson company, announced on Friday that the company has not only designed but built a new ventilator called the “CoVent”.

The company also announced 5,000 units would be donated on top of the 10,000 requested by the National Health Service (NHS) for support against the coronavirus.

(Source: CNN)

3D printing to Emergency Masks

Isinnova, a company located in Italy, first assisted hospitals by 3D-printing replacement valves for coronavirus patients. Now, the company has been asked by Gardone Valtrompia Hospital to help turn snorkelling masks into emergency masks for ventilators.

Decathlon, the renowned sports store, has jumped onboard to assist with the efforts by working with tech experts to determine whether their EasyBreath snorkelling mask can be modified to become an emergency mask for ventilator.

There has been no finalization or production of the emergency (snorkelling) masks as of March 26, 2020.

(Source: Decathlon, TechThatMatters)

Hockey Gear to Face Shields

Bauer, a company hockey fans would know best from their apparel, equipment, and other gear, recently stated their venture into protective equipment for medical professions.

The single-use Bauer medical face shields can be purchased in orders of 250 on the company’s website (

(Source: Bauer)

Golf Gear to Medical Masks

Akbar and Megan Christi, co-founders of Seamus Golf, recently announced their decision to temporarily close their online store. The reason, according to their official website (, is due to their focus on producing medical masks after being contacted by several medical professionals in the field.

While Seamus Golf admits they do not have the N95 material, their intentions are to produce masks for medical professionals that require them as a last resort.

Frontliners can receive free emergency kits by contacting

(Source: Seamus Golf)


Could your company help too?


Emelina Montoya is a Communications and Media Studies graduate student from Carleton University.  She is a current contributor for Loop Cayman and has a passion for business, ethics, media, journalism, and political science. To follow her recent works, connect with her on LinkedIn at Emelina Montoya.

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