Monday 26 October, 2020

Ready2Work programme relaunched

The Ready2work programme which was originally implemented four years ago has been relaunched in order to provide industry-specific training and re-tooling of Caymanian workers to better prepare them for the workforce.

The programme includes paid internships (by Employer and/or by the Government when required), support for child care if applicable and counselling and coaching

The benefits of the programme are as follows:

Job Seeker -

1. Stipend provided along with support services such as childcare, counselling and career coaching.

2. Experienced and knowledgeable facilitators to deliver an establish Employability 101 training programme.

3. Provides a structured pathway to employment whilst addressing barriers to employment.

4. Opportunity for full-time employment that aligns with the needs of both participants.

5. Dedicated Officer and HR Support to ensure provision of tools and support to ensure a successful connection with employment.

Employer -

1. Subsidy offered for 6 months.

2. Potential candidates are provided with training and development of employability and soft skills to better prepare them for accessing employment.

3. Opportunity to fill job vacancies with Caymanians.

4. Make a contribution to the development of Caymanians ensuring a vibrant economy.

5. HR Support and dedicated officer to support with any performance issues or barriers to employment that would impact the ability to be successful.

For more information for job seekers and employers, please email or call Paul Puckering at 925-7230 or Dianne Conolly at 925-7230.

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