Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Scuba Diving Magazine Features Little Cayman

Image Source; Scuba Diving Magazine, taken by Carlos Parraga

Image Source; Scuba Diving Magazine, taken by Carlos Parraga

In an article entitled "Why You Should Book Little Cayman For Your Next Underwater Photo Getaway" in Scuba Diving Magazine, readers are told to bring their "best underwater photography skills to Little Cayman".

The article, which came out on February 27, says that 

One of the biggest perks of dropping in on the walls of Little Cayman is not only that you get some of the sheerest—and most dramatic—drop-offs in the Caribbean, but also that these ledges start at an average of 25 feet deep. At the site called Mixing Bowl, the drop-off starts at 18 feet. This means that shots are filled with a tremendous variation of color thanks to how much light floods these shallower depths. Here, shooters fill the frame with divers alongside orange elephant ear sponges, red rope sponges, purple vase sponges and more.

The article describes many of the underwater natural treasures of Little Cayman, as well as the terrestrial life.

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