Saturday 31 October, 2020

Surveillance of those in quarantine will be by law enforcement

Travellers who enter the Cayman Islands as of October 1 will be required to wear the iMSafe geofencing and monitoring device for the duration of an initial 14-day quarantine in the Cayman Islands, once they opt for in-residence quarantine. This process is being managed by Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia.

Upon entry, the sample group of test programme participants (29 from 12 households) that arrived on British Airways received PCR swab tests at the airport. All of the PCR swabs for the test programme participants that were conducted yesterday were negative. These participants will receive testing on day 15 again.

The participants were provided with information packs with important information required for quarantining including information on sourcing food, supplies and pharmaceuticals. They also received a first aid kit and thermometers and information to support them with their mental health.

The iMSafe wrist band that they were provided with is hypoallergenic. The smart wristband associates the traveler to a custom app on a smart phone. 

Taxis delivered the participants to their quarantine locations with no stops.

In the future, the travel management system is likely to be managed by personnel from Cayman Airways who are not currently working on a full time basis.

Going forward, as borders open in October, if a visitor is found positive, they will remain at home but will have their health managed by the public health team.

There is a difference between the surveillance/ monitoring team and the public health team. The surveillance team manages the dashboard and the public health team manages the administration of the PCR tests and the health of positive COVID-19 cases.

Law enforcement alerts will be managed by the RCIPS, 9-1-1. This will occur where there is a breach of the geofence.

All other cases will be managed by the mobile monitoring team. Customs and Border Control will be managing this process and eight staff members will be involved with due diligence checking and spot checks/ random visits.

Correction: Premier Alden McLaughlin indicated at a press briefing that one passenger who had made it onto the British Airways flight yesterday but had never been approved by Travel Time was sent back to the United Kingdom. This was in fact not the case. An investigation was launched and the passenger was allowed to remain and was placed into quarantine.

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