Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Four weird and wonderful menu items in the Cayman Islands

Fried ice cream anyone?

Fried ice cream anyone?

It has become a trend worldwide to put spins on traditionally loved dishes and treats, from the extremely popular ‘Cronut,’ to the less seemingly appetizing ‘Mushroom Coffee.’ Luckily for us, there are restaurants in Grand Cayman that have gone the extra mile in their culinary creativity.

Here we give you five of the most inventive and imaginative examples.

Tempura Icecream at Kazoku

Kazoku, a Japanese restaurant that adds a modern touch to their cooking, has our first strangely delicious dish. Whereas many would be satisfied with a mere scoop of fresh vanilla ice cream to cleanse their palette after a nice meal, Kazoku raises the standard. Giving predictable vanilla ice cream a Japanese themed twist, this typical dessert is tempura fried to a crispy brown and served with succulent rum cake. What can we say, everything is better fried especially when it comes to this!

Iced Mexican Spiced Latte at Café del Sol

With respect to beverages, iced coffee is one of the most basic café offerings, yet one of our local Caymanian businesses has really stepped up their game. Instead of your typical morning coffee to get you ready for the day, head over to Café del Sol for ‘the Iced Mexican Spiced Latte.’ This latte combines the sweetness of chocolate and cinnamon, with the stronger kicks of Latin spicing; together forming one delectable beverage that will give you a warm feeling throughout.

Lobster Milanese Sandwich at Agua

Using charcoal and squid ink, black food is the public’s latest culinary obsession. As evidenced by the multitudes of foodie Instagram feeds, black is back. Located in our very own island hotspot, Camana Bay, Agua has invented its own tasty take on the craze. Agua’s ‘Lobster Milanese Sandwich’ contains fresh Caribbean lobster served on a squid ink bun and topped off with the restaurant’s yuzu aioli. After this particular burger, it will be hard to go back to the classic beef burger served on a sesame seed bun.

Buffalo Chicken Chips at The Good Mood Food food truck

We found it only appropriate that this list should include a spin on the most classic junk food of all time: potato chips. Over at the Good Mood Food food truck, you can find what might just be the most revolutionary comfort food ever. The ‘Buffalo Chicken Chips’ are house-made potato chips layered in spicy buttermilk fried chicken, doused in buffalo sauce, parmesan cheese and blue cheese sauce. There is no doubt that this will be our next cheat day meal!

These four dishes and treats are undeniably bizarre, yet mouth-wateringly delicious and kudos to the chefs who went above and beyond to create them!

Whenever your soup or salad gets too boring, be sure to check these menu items out. You won’t regret it!

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