Saturday 11 July, 2020

A tribute from a 17-year old Caymanian girl to her mother

Tahiti Seymour, the poet, and her mother, Melaynee Bodden

Tahiti Seymour, the poet, and her mother, Melaynee Bodden

by Tahiti Seymour

“Stand up straight. Feed your body right. The world is a dangerous place. You are important. Fix your attitude. I love you, and never forget it,” from Mom.
“You're so unreasonable. Let's paint our nails. I got an A today. Just go away. I'm trying my best. I love you too, and I'll never forget it,” from your daughter.
Oh, mother, it is quite unbelievable how long you withstand...
All of my outbreaks of inquiry, on the implications of a social construct.
Or the extensive range of Caribbean slang.
In our palace of pandemonium, you lead my sister and me in a life of empowerment... 
Where no fire is too big, no box is too heavy, and no assignment is too challenging. 
The unfortunate circumstances of life have accounted for the divorce of many couples in the world. Many women of that statistic, plummet in a downward spiral of insecurity and shame. They question the effectiveness of their efforts, and exterior stresses cause them to implode.
But, I have personally witnessed the infinite possibility of a single mother who rises above the stereotypes, and all the odds that have been stacked against her...
All in acknowledgement of the feminist and warrior within her. 
In a world where sickness runs rampant, and appliances are malfunctioning...
My mother has not once been untruthful about the indifference to our reality, the complications of the human personality, or the state of her mental health.
This mother does not cover her children in cotton wool. She turns our heads to the chromatic complexity of the world we live in, and guides us when that world becomes grey.

Happy Mother's Day, to all mother figures in the world. Your mere presence has the ability to affect later generations and ultimately change the world.

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