Friday 7 August, 2020

UK students make plans to return to school in August

The governor's office and the new Traveltime Team will be working closely together on British Airways Airbridge flights to and from London until the end of August to enable students to travel to the UK to commence their studies next term.

The office is planning flights for July 31 and August 28. Students will be getting priority on these flights.

The UK has announced that those travelling directly from Cayman (not via the US) do not have to quarantine when they arrive in London which is great news. It is possible to travel via Miami to London but not preferable given the 14-day required quarantine when arriving from the US. 

The governor's office has been in touch with those students who have previously expressed an interest in these flights either via the Emergency Travel Helpline or via a group of 180 students and their parents who are being coordinated by Mrs Karolina Claybourn. These passengers will be contacted directly by staff in the governor's office once booking commences and do not need to register again.

If you are a student or family travelling with a student via the BA flights and have not received an email this week please send details of passengers, preferred flight option (31 July or 28 August) and confirmation of your acceptance from your school or University to

The UK government require all travellers to complete a ‘passenger locator form‘ confirming their arrival details and where they are travelling from. This form must be submitted 48 hrs before travel.

There is still some concern surrounding how and when accompanying parents can return to Cayman after settling their children into school and University. Most parents need to return to work so an extended time in the UK and then a 14-day quarantine on arrival back to Cayman is going to be problematic.

Parents are also beginning to consider if students can easily return to Cayman for midterm break at the end of October (two weeks for most boarding schools) and Christmas break.

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