Sunday 27 September, 2020

Visitor pleads, "help me find the Caymanian who saved my life!"

Loop News is assistaing a seventy-eight year old visitor in the Cayman Islands to locate a Good Samaritan who, in her words, "saved her life" a week ago.

When the borders closed, Sue, a senior from Guernsey who visits Cayman for six-months every year and who Is recovering from a major double surgery was given permission by Immigration to remain in the Cayman Islands until it was safe for her to return home via the UK. Having remained under strict lockdown until local COVID cases came down to zero, both due to her health and her age, Sue was thrilled to be up and about again in her home-away-from-home.

This past Saturday, Sue shopped at Cost U Less in Governor's Square and would make her way over to Fosters after loading her car with shopping items.

"When I arrived at Fosters, I realised that I had left my handbag with phone, cards, driving license... everything... in my cart back at Cost U Less," she recalled, the tone of her voice reflecting the initial impact of the panic. "I dashed back just in time to find a nice lady about to hand my bag in to security at Cost U Less. What a relief!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, I said to the kind soul," Sue shared. "But in the chaos, I didn’t get her name."

Sue explained that she was told by the lady, who had a discernable Caymanian accent and seemed to be Caymanian, that it was okay and that it could happen to anyone. She was happy she could help. 

"I am so, so grateful to that kind, honest lady and to the Cayman government for my stay in wonderful Cayman where honesty and kindness are still the norm. I would love the opportunity to give this lovely lady a more fitting thanks," said Sue.

"With everything that was in my purse and the trouble I would have had to go through to replace it, she saved my life!"

If you are responsible for this act of CaymanKind or you know who was, please send a whatsapp to Loop Cayman at 516-2053 so that we can connect you with Sue.

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