Friday 23 October, 2020

Watch: Home Isolation is an opportunity for pet fostering in Cayman

by Juliette Heath

Looking for the perfect companion while you are off work/working from home?  Then look no FUR… ther!  There are many amazing rescue 'Cayman Coconuts' ready and wagging their tails in anticipation of being fostered who will be happy to keep you company and lavish you with unconditional love and attention while you are home for the next few weeks! 

Whether for companionship, teaching your children compassion and responsibility, or just to help out in the community, there has never been a better time to consider fostering/ adopting a furry friend, and many are doing just that here in Cayman.

Loop reached out to representatives from local rescue groups including One Dog at a Time, the Cayman Islands Humane Society and Canine Friends who all confirmed they have been getting a great response from the public as families choosing to stay home/ work from home are fostering dogs and cats for companionship. 

One Dog at a Time has a continuous flow of rescue pups coming through their doors on a day to day basis and are extremely grateful to all those who have stepped up and offered foster homes.  Paula Wythe is encouraging people to reach out if they are considering fostering or adopting. 

“Many of our dogs/ pups are in temporary foster homes and will need somewhere to go at the end of that term, so we are hoping people will continue to reach out and let us know if they are interested in fostering,” she said.    CJ of One Dog at a Time, featured in the video below, is accompanied by one of the pups currently available to foster.

“I fostered initially and it was amazing!” said Elizabeth Riley, a previous foster parent for One Dog.  “CJ made sure I had everything I needed and was at the end of the phone if I had any questions. Coconut has changed our lives so much for the better.  We go for walks and visit the beach more often, he has brought so much joy to our lives.  I can’t thank One Dog enough!”

Sebastian Burcombe and his girlfriend are currently fostering 2 pups, Spot & Snoopy from One Dog, who are around 8 weeks old.  Sebastian admitted to us that he is a “horrible fosterer” in that he is trying his best not to be a foster fail, which is someone who starts off fostering and ends up adopting!  “It is hard not to adopt them as they are amazing!  In our free time, we are taking them out to meet people and hoping that we help find them their forever homes.  I am currently working out of home so it is great having them with me for company and it encourages me to take a break and go outside.” 

Sebastian is determined they will not be foster failures but does plan on keeping the puppies until they find their forever homes.  “We have had a few nibbles but no bites yet for adoption, but am sure it won’t be long!  Fostering has been a great decision for us and made really easy with One Dog who have given and offered everything we need and beyond,” he said.

Meredith Rachel, labelled as a serial fosterer by Paula from One Dog, has been a fostering for 3 years.  “I originally wanted to foster dogs as my dog Rolo (a rescue) is such a good teacher but I soon realized how much I actually learned during the process helping to teach the pups to adjust to life in a home.  They truly change your life for the better, you don’t realize what unconditional love really is until you experience the love and trust from these dogs who have often had a bad start in life.  It is so wonderful to know that you have assisted them on their journey towards finding a better life and a home of their own.”  Meredith has fostered for both One Dog at a Time and the CI Humane Society.

Jason Jairam from CI Humane Society was at the airport when we caught up with him, checking-in the last few dogs likely to be able to fly out of Cayman to their forever homes overseas in the coming months.  “We have had a great response from the public who have been in to foster both dogs and cats,” he told us.  “There are still many wonderful dogs and cats who would love a break from the shelter that are available for foster/adoption, especially now we won’t be able to send any more off-island for the foreseeable future.” 

Casey Keller from Canine Friends is herself currently fostering for the Humane Society and took in a pregnant female who has since given birth.  They also regularly require fosterers for the dogs they rescue many of which come from the Department of Agriculture where, if not adopted or taken in by the rescue groups, they end up being euthanized. 

It goes without saying that we at Loop are quietly hoping that many of the pups who are taken in by people isolated and/ or quarantined or just practising social distancing at home in the coming weeks will become permanent family members.  There is nothing like the unconditional love and devotion of a furry friend to complete a home!  

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