Tuesday 1 December, 2020

We asked readers What will you do differently once the crisis is over?

Times of crisis usually give us the opportunity to reflect on our lives... what we would have done differently or perhaps appreciated more when things were "normal". Or if we had known what would happen down the road, how would we have prepared better? As the old saying goes, "hindsight is 20-20" no pun intended given the year.

Loop Cayman asked you: "When this is all over, what will you differently?" and we received almost 100 responses. These were some of our favourites:

Many said that they would practise more self-care:

Amy Wallis Bodden: Stay home from work when I feel ill and not feel compelled to soldier on and be a "hero".

Paula Wythe: Find time to read more often.

Stefanie Ebanks: Actually schedule more downtime and exercise/ yoga into my life.

Shân Stephenson: Go for a swim/ walk on the beach more often- you never know what you've got till it's gone.

Lisa Vasquez: Cook for myself more often.

Tania Cook Knapik: Go to the beach more!!!

Judy Singh Hurlston: I will make more time for my personal projects that always seem to get back burnered- my photo wall, sewing, painting, reorganizing... It’s been amazing to feel the difference these small moments of accomplishment have brought to my overall happiness.

Many said they would devote more to those around them:

Melissa Semenek: Hug more.

Vangie Hunter: Love my family and friends more.

Renee Bernardo: Realize that a house is not a home. Home is where the family is. I will never take for granted seeing any of their faces again (in person). I will love more and laugh more. Family dinners will be often.

Paula Tathum: Tell people how I feel about them and how important they are in my life... we just assume they know.

Sheila Lea: More game nights with the fam.

Tina Trumbach: Do more of what I love with the people I love in the places I love. More love, less stress.

Sarah Elizabeth Newman: Go to the U.K. and see my family! It's hard being away from the people you love at a difficult time especially when my sister is heavily pregnant and I was supposed to go back at Easter to see the new baby.

Ginny Hobday: Appreciate the little things more and don’t let work-life balance mean you don’t have enough time for friends and family first. I learnt the hard way this week with the death of a wonderful friend I had not been in touch with for too long. Today I spoke with my best friend from my childhood. I have only seen her once since I was 12.

Trina Bina: Get more involved in my kids' learning! As stressful as it is, my kids and I are bonding more over schoolwork and I am actually understanding the things they learn in school, vs picking them up from school and asking "so what did you learn in school today?"

Some were patriotic:

Beverly Edgington: I’ll buy more locally. I’ve been so impressed with the food and service I’ve received from Farmer Clarence and orcim.ky that it shows me it can be done here.

Jennifer Grant-Mccarthy: I will def buy more locally.

Many focused on practicalities:

Nina Rodgers: Not be so good at planning in advance. I ran down everything ready for rollover. Booked 6 months worth of tickets, accommodation etc. only to cancel it all, rebuy food for the house and fight to get money back. If I wasn’t SO organized I’d have been less stressed.

Kirstie Johnson: I will be more organized and have essentials on hand so I don’t have to join a mob of panic buyers. I will also become a doomsday prepper because my gramma wasn’t lying when she said Jesus coming soon.

Merina Currie: Keep more wine stocked

Melinda Maldonado: Start ordering my groceries. Before all of this, I hated to grocery shop. Even more now!

Summer LaRue: Buy a large supply of toilet paper.

Some became philosophical:

Victoria Jane Taylor: If every new year for the last 40 years has taught me anything- it's that I will try to be some imaginary better version of myself for around 20 days before realising I am forcing the issue and growth happens in its own time.

Lisa Reyes Wray: Realize more that we are privileged to be on this beautiful planet and not that we own it.

Heidi Kristina Lawrence: I will not put off anything for another time. I will not make excuses as to why I can't travel, learn a new skill, talk to old friends, etc. Seize each day will be my new mantra.

Micky Ackley-Webster: Not a thing, I want my life just as it was.

Florence Walters McGrath: I need to make sure I love what I do every day and ensure I do it with people who make me feel good about myself. Life is too short to waste, and money is not necessarily the measure of a successful life. I don’t need most of the things I want. I had forgotten some of these life lessons, but I won’t again.

Kim Wallace: I'm going to do a "post mortem" and see what I learned thru it all and what I want to change/ continue doing going forward. I think it's gonna take some time to really reflect on after all the crazy stops. 

Angela Martins: This is such a really awesome question. To live more intentionally aware of others without judgement. To act with kindness more now than put off to the future. To call/ connect with friends near and far when I think of them. After all, relationships are all we have to sustain us thru the challenging times. In a practical vein, save a bit more than I have been doing. Life is even more fragile than we thought we knew it to be. Live out my Faith.

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