Wednesday 21 October, 2020

This is what it's like to spend 14-days in government quarantine ALONE

The author of this piece has requested to remain anonymous.

It's Sunday. I've been in this room for almost a week. Alone.

I'm staying in a beautiful hotel after spending two weeks out of the country for work, and trust me... if the circumstances were any different, this would be a relaxing retreat. But it is COVID... and this beautiful hotel is doubling up as a "government quarantine facility" for travelers returning to Cayman from abroad.

Imagine not being able to step outside for even 5 seconds. To see the ocean from your balcony but not being able to touch it. To want to at least see another human... well I suppose there is always FaceTime.

When we made our way off the Cayman Airways flight, we were almost immediately whisked off on our respective buses. Masks on.

"Do not touch anything."

Entry through the service entrance of the hotel. Debriefed and directed to our rooms.

We are provided with three sets of quarantine menus. Breakfast. Dinner. Lunch.

A form to sign.

Locked in.

In my bathroom are cleaning tools and chemicals.

Two weeks worth of sheets and towels.

Enough bottles of water for two weeks.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash. Two weeks worth.

We will not speak to or come in face-to-face contact with another human for another two weeks-- unless we came in here with those people.

I've come in alone.

Every evening someone calls to make sure everything is ok and to request my order for tomorrow's meals. More often than not an order is made based on how hungry I am the day before. Yesterday I had a full day of fruits and vegetables and I was ravenous by the end of the day. I learned my lesson. From now on I will just assume I am going to be hungry the day after.

At the same times every day, some one drops off a meal in a brown paper bag. They knock on my door and scurry off.

Twice a week I put my laundry outside my door and it is returned in a few hours.

There is a whatsapp group chat for everyone in quarantine. They all seem so cheery, posting coronavirus memes. I don't engage.

I am angry at myself because I have so much work to do but somehow I am not getting anything done. I am not relaxing. Not reading. Not catching up on movies. What I have done is take warm baths instead of showers. That has been my luxury. I am not even catching up with old friends.

One more week and I will be tested.

I can go home.

I wait...

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