Thursday 26 November, 2020

The whole community has been pitching in to support Meals on Wheels

Fresh food donated by the community

Fresh food donated by the community

"Fish from a church, breadfruit from a donor, fresh veg from Progressive... each having a little to offer, but putting it all together it fed the seniors of East End!"

Farm to table has taken on a whole new meaning in the Cayman Islands during the coronavirus pandemic, as Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels (MOW) works extra hard to provide 330 hot, nutritious meals to seniors, the homebound and the disabled of the Cayman Islands every day.  

Isolation is typically a major issue for those who are assisted by the charity, but curfews and lockdown coupled with the fact that those whom the charity feeds are typically most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, have added to the challenge.

Luckily, members of the community, some of whom donated anonymously, have generously provided fresh produce and food items from their home gardens, fishing expeditions and farms.

Among the donations were nine breadfruits from Tani Reis, who is also actively involved in making masks for frontline workers.

30 pounds of fish were donated from the Church of God Chapel.

Breadfruit and fish were sent to the Meals on Wheels East End kitchen.

These items were combined with 8 cases of "mysteriously donated tomatoes" and lettuce from Progressive to make a full plate of lunch for the seniors of East End.

Over 10 lbs of season pepper berries were also provided by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). These peppers were distributed to 7 kitchens currently assisting to feed over 350 seniors and other vulnerable people each day.

Also donated were 200 dozen eggs from Mark Soto, owner of Farm Select in East End.

Fresh fruits are extremly important, more now than ever before but due to high cost it is not often that Meals and Wheels can provide fruits for the seniors. 

Mangoes by Renly Ebanks and his son Joshua, which were happily received by seniors in Bodden Town.

Melons were donated along with other fresh produce by Progressive.

Chef Alex of Ristorante Pappagallo kindly sliced and packaged all the fruit for over 100 seniors in George Town and West Bay.

Many local establishments have also supported Meals on Wheels, including Bread and Chocolate Cafe that provided plant based meals, Seven Fathoms Cayman Spirits provided hand sanitizer for volunteers to carry while they deliver meals and Rum Point Restaurant donated fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, buns and other perishable items. 

For just $5 (or more) you can support Meals on Wheels mission to serve the seniors of Cayman. In line with isolation and social distancing, donations can be made online through Bank of Butterfield direct deposit to Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels or via

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