Friday 30 October, 2020

WORC concerned about businesses breaking immigration law

Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC) understands that business operations have been challenging for many employers over the past few months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are concerned that there have been many business decisions made that can find employers operating in contravention of the Immigration (Transition) Law.

WORC aims to provide information to the public to advise them of what is required, to remain in compliance with the law, and to avoid being investigated or penalized for breaches of the Law.

WORC would like to remind employers who have employees with outstanding work permit fees, to have these fees paid immediately. Visit for details on payment options.

Employers are advised to ensure that all their employees are legally permitted to work with them, and that they are in compliance with the Immigration (Transition) Law. This includes obtaining any relevant work permits and submitting amendment applications if their employees are carrying out different duties, outside of what is approved in a current work permit.

Failure to comply may result in investigations, arrests, administrative fines being levied, prosecution of breaches in the Courts Office, and or the revocation of the work permit(s).         

The WORC Compliance department intends to increase compliance inspections to verify legal employment and ensure compliance with the Immigration (Transition) Law. With more businesses resuming normal operations and the border reopening, any employer/employee found in breach of the law, will be handled with a zero tolerance approach. 

To report any immigration related complaints, complaints about breaches of the law, or concerns please email

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