Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Young Caymanian reimagines new and used furniture and accessories

Tiffany Conolly and one of her designs

Tiffany Conolly and one of her designs

"As a young Caymanian, I am continuously amazed by the amount of beauty and creativity contained on such a tiny Island. I remember feeling homesick when away at school and wishing I could bring the ocean and our white sandy beaches with me. Now, I've found a way and want to share it with those near and far from the shore."

These are the words of Tiffany Conolly, artist and owner of Peace of Paradise, a local business that "reimagines" used furniture and household items, turning them into something new. Conolly also designs bespoke pieces, including coffee tables, end tables, side tables, serving trays, and coasters.

For Conolly, art has been a way of life since childhood. She discovered her talent as a student at John Gray highschool. "It was a mandatory class for all year seven students," she explains. "Over time I noticed myself arriving early and staying late, showing up before school and at lunch. Art became a habit, a way of life. There hasn't been a day that paint isn't in my hair or a pencil in my hand. I hope to further pursue my studies in Art Therapy and create an artistic safe space for youth here in the Cayman Islands."

And she is making a great start.

Conolly explains how it works. "If you are looking to spruce up a space or a room, you have a few options. If you have an old worn down table that doesn't match anything or if you have a piece of furniture, and you'd love to add some creativity, I'd be happy to work with you on customizing it."

For those who don't have existing furniture, but would like a custom piece, Tiffany can provide wooden 2x4, 2x3 or 2x2 tables, complete with resin.  

Why not "reimagine" furniture rather than buy new? Not only is renovated, re-purposed & recycled furniture practical, but it is also ultra chic.

For Conolly, art is inspired by life. "My emotions and feelings knit themselves together to create unique, one of a kind pieces," she says. "I've been creating calm seas, but there was a time I only created stormy, choppy, and consuming oceans. It's truly a beautiful thing to see your emotions caught in a freeze-frame. Venturing from the seas to the setting sun is next on my list." 

This is the perfect time to get your Peace of Paradise. During the pandemic, many people have been cleaning and are finding furniture that they would like to have refined or upcycled. Peace of Paradise is not only a wonderful initiative for the environment, but also for those who would like to save money during uncertain times.

"Having a Peace of Paradise in your home truly brings a different kind of joy," says Conolly.  

Peace of Paradise
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