Attorney General of Barbados, Adriel Brathwaite (left), and UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Stephen O'Malley.

There is an urgent need for datacollection on crime and security to be collected so that policymakers can make informeddecisions as they tackle the scourge of crime throughout the region. It was a triple call this morning as senior government officials and technical experts from 10 Eastern and southern Caribbean countries began a three-day CariSecure Workshop focusing on Prioritizing Citizen Security Data Management and Evidence-based policy making across the Eastern and Southern Caribbean. UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Stephen O'Malley, saidwhile citizens of the Caribbean deserve to live free from crime and violence, decision makers and leaders in society are crippled from making advancement because there are no reliable and valid security data available and accessible. "We cannot accurately determine the state of citizen security in the region without data, without evidence. Nor can we evaluate the efficacy of our efforts to reduce violence, crime and feelings of insecurity without the relevant data. We need to know what works," he said. O'Malley said the scarcity of citizen security data makes it difficult to determine which interventions are effective in reducing and preventing criminal activity. Meanwhile, USA's Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the OECS, Linda Taglialatela, says there are gaps and deficiencies in collecting data across countries. She said in some cases data is still stored in paper-based systems with risk for data loss.This, she said, presents a block when dealing with the security issues throughout the region and she is calling on all countries to take note. Participants at theCariSecure Workshop. Attorney General of Barbados, Adriel Braithwaite, expressed similar sentiments, as he saidhis country, like the rest of the Caribbean, is in need for accurate standardised crime data to enable them to take a scientific approach to decision-making. "Reliable data provides an invaluable resource for the development and implementation of evidence based policies and programs which, in turn, have the potential to reduce crime and violence among the youth population," he said. The August 15- 17workshop is being held at Radisson Aquatica Resort. Through the CariSecure Regional Workshop participants will collaborate with regional partners to establish a protocol on data collection, analysis and sharing and across agencies and a roadmap for the successful implementation of innovative tools to strengthen citizen security data management.

Vincentian authorities have detained one man for questioning after a44-year-old woman suffered 2nd to 3rd-degree burns when she was allegedly set on fire in her bed for refusing sex. According to a report by iWitness News, Monique Clarke, of Biabou, reportedly refused to give money or sex to her abusive partner, who she had been seeing for the past two years. Relatives said Clarke and the man had gone to a karaokeevent on Saturday night butleft the event early as her 13-year-old son had an event on Sunday. The inebriated man went with her back to her house where he asked her for $20 to return to the event, however, she declined as she was saving it to give to her son for an event on Sunday. The man then asked her for sex numerous times, however, she rejected him. The man then poured a flammable liquid on Clarke while she lay on her bed and set it on fire. Clarke's 13-year-old son heard his mother screaming and rushed in to see her covered in flames. Clarke managed to run into the yard where some buckets of water were stored and doused herself in order to put out the flames. She was rushed to hospital where she remains warded in serious condition. Her sister Iesha Richardson also issued a statement via social media: "My nephew was there, whole night he harassing the woman for she $20 she had put aside to give her son to attend a function tomorrow, wanted her to go back down the road with him she told him NO! Came back in harassing her for Sex she said "No.. she not in the mood leave her alone" her son spoke to him telling him done with the noise. He responded saying "Ok"." "My sister thought is water he throwing on the bed... before she could turn around the bed was on fire, the room was in a blaze.My nephew came out his room whrn he heard his mother screaming, helped put out the fire on his mother and questioned him why he did that to his mom? His reply "she think she bad well me show she who badder" God never sleeps!" Vincentian authorities are investigating.

A prominent white nationalist website that promoted a Virginia rally that ended in deadly violence Saturday is losing its internet domain host. GoDaddy tweeted late Sunday night that it has given the Daily Stormer 24 hours to move its domain to another provider because the site has violated the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company's terms of service. The site's labeling of a woman killed in an attack at the event in Charlottesville as "fat" and "childless" prompted the move, according to GoDaddy spokesman Dan Race. Heather Heyer was killed Saturday when police say a man plowed his car into a group of demonstrators protesting the white nationalist rally. "Given their latest article comes on the immediate heels of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite additional violence, which violates our terms of service," Race said in an emailed statement. Shortly after GoDaddy tweeted its decision, the site posted an article claiming it had been hacked and would be shut down.

With Digicel’s Unlimited Rollover Data and Talk, lost data and talk are a thing of the past. Today, the total communications and entertainment provider announced that postpaid customers can browse, stream, share and chat to their hearts content on Digicel’s 4G/LTE network and roll over their unused data and talk to use whenever they choose – without losing their data or worrying about overages. Cayman postpaid customers will find Unlimited Rollover Data and Talk easy to understand and easy to use. By simply buying and renewing their Quick Pick bundle before it expires and paying their bill on time, customers can immediately start enjoying these amazing benefits because rollover is automatic. Calling it a “game changer”, Raul Nicholson Coe, CEO for Digicel Cayman said: “We’re changing things; now with Unlimited Data and Talk, customers keep what’s rightfully theirs. This is all about simplicity and putting our customers in control. What people want most of out of their smartphone experience is to be able to enjoy every bit of data and talk they paid for.” Digicel’s recently-launched Quick Pick Bundles were designed to keep customers always-on and always connected to the things they love. Jam-packed with value, Digicel’s Quick Pick Bundles combine unlimited talk, text and access to WhatsApp. Plus, with MyDigicel app, customers can easily track their usage. Now with Unlimited Rollover Data and Talk, Digicel is supercharging its offering to make sure customers always win.

Rufus- Photo from Cayman's humane society Facebook page.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is calling for stronger and swifter action to be taken against those who hurt animals. Several recent incidents of alleged animal cruelty, have again put the spotlight on what the humane society calls the “urgent need for animal protection/welfare laws to be enforced.” The most recent incident, publicized by the humane society’s Facebook page, revealed that a dog,named Rufus, was surrendered to the shelter on Thursday, with what have been described as ‘chemical burns.’ “His owner told us that he had been bitten. He has clearly been burnt,” read the humane society’s post on Facebook. According to the humane society, the dog was sedated and treated, however he is said to have “weeks of treatment ahead of him”. "The police were called and the DOA visited on Friday. So far no charges have been pressed," added the post. As it relates to the most recent incident, the Department of Agriculture (DoA) noted that an Animal Welfare Officer visited the dog. The DoA while noting that the investigation was “active” says that the burns appear to have been the result of a misguided attempt to treat external parasites. “At this time, it appears that the dog’s burns are chemical in nature and may be the result of a misguided attempt to control external parasites,” read a release from the DoA. The DoA notes that they are continuing to investigate the source of the burns. The island’s humane society also used the opportunity to speak out against animal cruelty and re-share a petition which was started over a year ago. The petition which can be found on the website urged Caymanians not to continue to turn a “blind eye” to the issue of animal cruelty. In the petition named, ‘voice for the voiceless,’ the animal lobby group chided the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture for not taking “the basic steps to do everything possible to enforce the animal welfare laws”. The petition further slammed the government for not doing “enough” to protect and enforce legislation around the matter.

A Layman E. Scott Sr. High School student was recently awarded a new HP laptop from Cayman Finance. Matthew Giscombe was awarded the prize after being randomly selected from a group of students who scored 100% on a quiz. The quiz on the financial services industry was held as part of a career fair at thehigh school in March. “Cayman Finance strives to have a presence at as many events like the Layman E. Scott Career Fair as possible,” said Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance. Scott also congratulated the student on getting all the answers on the quiz correct and being the recipient of the laptop “We are pleased he was able to learn some new information about our financial services industry and its importance to the local and global economy,” said Scott. “Between those efforts and our own Student Education and Work Experience Programme, we are always working to keep our young people educated on the industry,” he added.


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