CCTV images of the men police want to speak to

Detectives have released CCTV images of two men they want the public to help them identify in connection with an incidentin the Fairbanks area of Georgetown. On Thursday January 3, police receiv...

Asia welcomed the lunar Year of the Pig on Tuesday with visits to temples, family banquets and the world's biggest travel spree. Celebrations took place throughout the region, from Beijing and Seoul to Hanoi and Singapore. The streets of Beijing and other major Chinese cities were quiet and empty after millions of people left to visit relatives or travel abroad during the year's biggest family holiday. [image_gallery] Families gathered at home for multigenerational banquets. Companies, shops and government offices closed for official holidays that ranged from two days in South Korea to a week in China. ___ Worshippers stood in line for hours at Hong Kong's Wong Tai Sin Temple to welcome the new year by lighting incense. Lana Wong, a prominent Hong Kong actress, wore a pig costume for the event. "My first wish is for world peace," said Wong, 88. "Everyone has food to eat, employment and houses to live in. The elderly also hope the government will take better care of them." ___ In Beijing, performers in traditional Qing dynasty robes strummed zithers for a re-enactment at sunrise of a sacrificial ceremony at the Chinese capital's Temple of Earth park. An actor portraying an emperor bowed before an altar as dozens of people in ceremonial dress behind him. Acrobats and drummers also performed. Vendors sold toys branded with the British cartoon character Peppa Pig, which is enjoying a surge of popularity for the Year of the Pig. "My wishes for new year are a promotion, a raise and finding a boyfriend," said a spectator, Cui Di, a 28-year-old employee of a foreign company. ___ The holiday in mainland China is marked by the biggest annual travel boom as hundreds of millions of people visit their home towns or travel abroad. The railway ministry forecast mainland travelers would make 413 million trips during the three-week period around the holiday. ___ Chinese set off billions of fireworks to celebrate the new year. An explosion at an illegal fireworks shop in southern China killed five people early Tuesday. Investigators said it was triggered by fireworks set off by the shopkeeper outside the shop. ___ In Bangkok, people lit incense sticks and burned paper money and other symbolic offerings for deceased relatives despite government appeals to avoid contributing to smog. Some shopkeepers sold symbolic ballots to burn as offerings following official promises of an election this year, the first after four years of military rule. ___ In the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, visitors left bouquets of flowers at statues of former leaders Kim Il Sung and his son, Kim Jong Il.

A Jamaican man who was extradited from the United States, was remanded in police custody in the Cayman Islands on Friday when he appeared in court on charges of cruelty to a child and manslaughter. The accused man is 46-year-old Larry Levers, a former supervisor at the Bonaventure Boys’ Home in the Cayman Islands. The charges were laid against the Jamaican following the death of 14-year-old Risco Batten, who drowned in South Sound in November 2015. Levers is one of two men charged in the case. They were supervising Batten and several other boys from the boys’ home on a fishing trip. According to media reports in the Cayman Islands, on Friday when Levers appeared in the Summary Court, his attorney, John Furniss, told Magistrate Valdis Foldats that his client had arrived back on the island either late Thursday night or early Friday morning. For that reason, he explained, he was asking for time to put material together for a proper bail application. However, Crown Counsel Toyin Salako advised the court that Levers left Cayman for Jamaica in September 2016, by which time he was aware of an investigation into the incident in which the child died, and had already supplied some information about it. The Jamaican man subsequently travelled to the US with a different first name, but with the last name Levers, based on information presented to the court in the Cayman Islands. A decision was subsequently made by the magistrate in court to remand Levers until March 22. At that time, the accused is expected to appear in Grand Court - the high court in the Cayman Islands - alongside his co-accused, 65-year-old Michael Stewart. Levers and Stewart are accused of failing to properly supervise Batten when they took him and the other boys on the trip to what has been described as a "notoriously dangerous location".

AA grounded in Barbados till Thursday, March 14, 2019.

American Airlines supported the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) call to ground all Boeing 737 Max8s, and one was in Barbados when the mandate was carried out with immediate effect. Grounded Wednesday evening, the early morning departure flight from Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados to Miami scheduled for Thursdaymorning was cancelled. AA's media relations in a statement to Loop News on Thursday evening said: "We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of our customers. Our team will work with all customers impacted by these flight cancellations in order to rebook them to their final destination. Affected customers can rebook by contacting our reservations team. If a flight is canceled, customers may request a full refund by visiting our website. Customers who booked through a travel agent are requested to contact their agency directly." The Boeing 737 has subsequently left the island. It was empty less the crew hired to transport it. Boeing 737 Max 8 leaving the gate where it was parked. While the ban unfolded between Wednesday and Thursday, the plane was only moved to switch gates. Regional response The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) hasrestricted the Boeing 737-8 Max and 737-9 Max aircraft from flying into and out of the country. The JCAA, in a statement Wednesday, said the restriction, which takes effectimmediately, is a temporary one. According to the statement, the Boeing 737-8 Max and 737-9 Max aircraftwill be prevented from flying out of, within or into Jamaica as well as in Jamaican airspace until further notice. "Operators that would have operated into Jamaica before receiving this directive are hereby allowed to operate one non-commercial (ferry) flight to re-position their aircraft," the JCAA said. Jamaica joins most countries in restricting the operation of the United States-made plane followingSunday’sdeadly crashof a four-month-old Max 8 aircraft belonging toEthiopian Airlines. The aircraft went down about six minutes into a flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, killing all 157 people on board. It came after a Lion Air jet of the same model crashed in Indonesia in October, killing 189. After initially holding out, the United States Federal Aviation Authority grounded the aircraft on Wednesday. The FAA said new evidence from the crash site in Ethiopia, together with newly refined satellite data which became available on Wednesday, led to the decision to ground the planes. The regulatory authority for Europe had imposed a continental ban on Monday, the same day the United Kingdom had banned the aircraft from flying over its airspace. Flights that were already en route to the UK were turned around. Closer to home, the Cayman Airways had stopped flying its two aircraft in the immediate aftermath of Sunday's crash. Boeing's 737 is the world's most popular commercial aircraft and the now grounded planesare the latest upgrade. They have been flying for about two years.

Trade and Industry Minister flanked by Her Excellency, Tania Diego Olite, Cuban Ambassador and Mr. Christian Llanos, Managing Director, Ansa Coatings Ltd and other Executives following the loading of the first shipment of paint to Cuba.

Trinidad and Tobago paint manufacturers, ANSA Coatings Limited, on Wednesday loaded a container with over €500,000 worth of product bound for Cuba, the company’s newest export market. Minister of Trade and IndustryPaula Gopee-Scoon who witnessed the event stated that the Government was pleased with the company’s penetration of the additional market. This, she added, would create jobs, increase exports and generate foreign exchange. “The Cuban market is significant for us with 11 million people and another three million in tourists. Cuba as a trading partner remains important to Trinidad and Tobago. Eighty percent of the goods from the region entering Cuba originates in Trinidad and Tobago.” The Government, she stated, intends to continue to pursue opportunities for local businesses in that jurisdiction. Tania Diego Olite, the Cuban Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago who was also present, said it was an important step in strengthening economic and diplomatic relations between the two Caribbean countries. She also anticipated an increase in these interchanges in thefuture. Minister Gopee-Scoon concurred citing the need for increased two-way trade. Local companies involved in Information Communication Technology, surveying, recycling and energy, petroleum and gas, construction products, electricity and design, transport and shipping and Printing and Packaging, ice cream and paints are on the cusp of entering Cuba ably supported by exporTT’s Trade Facilitation Office in that country. ANSA Coatings commenced activities to enter Cuba over two years ago. Construction Sector Head of the ANSA McAl Group, Adam Sabga, indicated that access to this new market attests to the quality of its products which was developed in Trinidad and Tobago with local expertise. Christian Llanos, Managing Director of ANSA Coatings Limited, thanked the Government for the support provided. This expansion, he said, would earn foreign exchange which is beneficial to both the country and the company.

Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) has announced the closure of its acquisition of a majority interest in the Cayman National Corporation Limited (CNC). RFHL has confirmed that all employees of the CNC Group will remain following the acquisition of the majority shareholding and that the Bank will not be rebranded. “Cayman National is a leading full-service institution in one of the world’s most sophisticated financial centers, its brand is resilient and strong, and its management and employees are a critical part of that brand strength.” says Chairman Ronald Harford, “We do not want this to change. It will continue to be the same bank known, loved, and run by a very strong and experienced team of Caymanians.” In a release, Republic said this transaction comprised the purchase of 74.99 percent of the issued shares in CNC at an offering price of US$6.25 per share by RFHL’s Barbadian subsidiary, Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago (Barbados) Limited. The overall cost of the transaction was US$198,474,012.50. As a result of this transaction, the asset base of the RFHL Group will increase to approx. US$12 billion. For its fiscal 2018 (October 2017 to September 2018), CNC recorded profit after tax of US$26.5 million. Established in 1974, the CNC Group has five subsidiaries: Cayman National Bank Ltd., Cayman National Fund Services Ltd., Cayman National Securities Ltd., Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited, and Cayman National (Dubai) Ltd. It is the largest financial services company based in the Cayman Islands, providing banking, trust and company management, fund administration, and wealth management services to clients in the Cayman Islands and around the world. CNC is (and will continue to be) publicly traded on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange. “RFHL and CNC share the same ideals with respect to values, business processes and opportunities,” says Harford. “The acquisition of CNC will allow us to combine and leverage the talents of our two world-class organisations. We are particularly eager to learn from Cayman National’s experience in international financial services and serving high net worth clients. We are pleased to welcome both the employees and clients of the CNC Group to the Republic Family.” This acquisition is part of RFHL’s ongoing expansion. The Group operates in several territories, including Barbados, Cayman Islands, Grenada, Ghana, Guyana, St. Lucia, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. The Group’s acquisition of the nine ScotiaBank operations in the Eastern Caribbean, St. Maarten and Guyana is ongoing with that acquisition currently receiving the attention of all the relevant regulatory bodies.

March 16 will see walkers take to the streets for Esso's 3-mile walk in support of the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association. And although no roads will be closed, police are advising driversto be extra cautious. The walk will begin at 6amat the BarCam Esso Station and participants will travel east on the East-West Arterial onto Shamrock Road, turn west onto Prospect Point Road and continue all the way along Prospect Point Road, back onto the East-West Arterial and return to the BarCam Esso Station. The event is expected to end at 7am. Police said in a statement: "No roads will be closed for this event but motorists are advised to exercise caution when travelling in these areas on Saturday morning."

Cayman's newest Deputy Chief Fire Officers, Roy Charlton, Brevon Elliot and Tina Choy

Meet Cayman'snewest Deputy Chief Fire Officers. Three Caymanians,Roy Charlton, Brevon Elliot and Tina Choy were promoted after a rigorous open recruitment process. Mr Charlton is the Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Domestic,MrElliot has been appointed to the role of Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Aviation and MsChoy is the new Deputy Chief Fire Officer for Administration. Chief Officer, DrDax Basdeo announced the promotions at a CIFS all-staff meeting on February 7,which was also attended by the Hon Deputy Governor Franz Manderson. The Home Affairs Ministry has been supporting the CIFS on its journey to becoming a world class uniformed service, an essential element of which has been a strategy to provide essential training opportunities with a focus on leadership development for those who have identified a wish to be taken on such roles within the organisation. All three Deputies participated in the first round of coaching that was delivered by RESOLVE, a local company that the Ministry partnered with in early 2018 to assist personnel with the development of essential leadership and interpersonal skills. In response to the announcement of the appointments, Minister for Financial Services and Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Rivers said: “We are extremely pleased to have three experienced and highly capable Caymanian officers fill these critical senior management roles within the Fire Service. "I am confident that they will continue to work hard, strive for excellence and be the ambassadors of our mission to develop and promote the highest quality of fire officers and create a world class fire service.” In addition to coaching with RESOLVE, the successful candidates took advantage of a variety of leadership development opportunities provided by the Ministry, as well as several other training initiatives provided to civil servants, to strengthen their knowledge and skill-set before applying for their new roles. As Deputy Chief Fire Officer - Domestic, MrCharlton will provide strategic direction for all domestic operations, and effectively manage and support operational personnel. He will also assume the role of Incident Commander as required and be responsible for the provision of an inshore marine search and rescue. Having served with CIFS for 31 years, primarily in the Domestic Division, MrCharlton is passionate about the organisation and the function that it plays in the community. With a degree in public administration, he continues to further his rescue and fire-fighting knowledge by completing a number of technical training courses, primarily focused on incident command, mass casualty management and emergency response. Within his new role as Deputy Chief Fire Officer - Aerodrome, MrElliot will lead and provide strategic direction for all aerodrome fire services, and ensure the division is effectively managed, equipped, staffed, trained and operational in accordance with the various statutory requirements. Mr Elliott is an academically and technically accomplished fire officer who has spent the last few years working primarily in Fire Safety and Inspections. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a further degree in fire science. When previously acting in his new role, heworked closely with the Aerodrome Team to develop programmes to address all deficiencies in training and competency. MsChoy has had a wide-ranging career with the CIFS, having served for more than 21 years in many areas including Domestic Operations, Fire Prevention and Investigations, and most recently, acting as the Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Administration. Her administrative responsibilities include monitoring of the CIFS budget; overseeing provision of Fire Prevention and Investigation services, fleet and facilities management; training and development and the development of policies and procedures to support the achievement of the aims and objectives of the CIFS. And Ms Choy continues to invest in her fire service careeras she is currently enrolled in a degree programme majoring in Fire Administration and Fire Investigations. In supporting the new appointments, Deputy Governor and Head of the Civil Service, Hon. Franz Mandersonsaid: “I commend the three officers for answering the call to serve in these key leadership positions within the Fire Service. We depend on the Fire Service, together with other first response agencies, to ensure the safety of the people of the Cayman Islands and its infrastructure. "I am confident that Deputies Charlton, Elliot and Choy will continue to have a positive impact on the Fire Service, and drive the agency forward to achieve world-class status.” DrBasdeo added that these internal promotions will create significant stability and support to all staff members and contribute to the success of the newly-shaped organisation by fostering a culture of leadership development. “As the Ministry continues to recruit qualified persons to fulfil other essential roles within the Fire Service, we will ensure that officers continue to be provided with a variety of professional development opportunities so that they are well equipped to compete for promotional opportunities and can take on the same with pride and confidence.” The CIFS recruitment interview panel included the CEO of the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, Albert Anderson, and retired Fire Chief, Jeffrey Piechura, who successfully led several fire agencies in the USduring his career. The Ministry was represented by the Chief Officer, DrBasdeo and the Acting Chief HR Officer, Dr Josette Kimlon Lawrence. All three fire officers took up their new posts onMarch 4.